The long-neglected Grammar and Usage section of Camilla’s English Page has finally received a major update, the first of many to come. I’ve added introductory information, lists of helpful resources, grammar terms, and a navigation menu to the main page; I’ve added a lot of information to the Verbs page; I’ve updated the formatting and fixed all the broken links on multiple pages; I’ve revamped the Parts of Speech page; and I’ve organized all of the grammar exercises on one page (with many more exercises to come).

I’ve also made major updates to the Poems and Song Lyrics pages and sections, including the additions of pages for “Caged Bird,” “Mother to Son,” my “Nature and Civilization” and “Poems About Science” poetry packets, “At the Purchaser’s Option,” “In Twenty Years or So,” and “Of Wolf and Man.”

Please let me know if you have any comments, questions, or requests about these updates.