Writing tips, resources, lessons, and exercises for students and teachers

Writing is an incredibly complex process that involves integrating all areas of linguistic and literary knowledge; the quest to become a better writer is, therefore, mysterious, highly personal, and open-ended. However, there are concrete steps that writers can take and specific principles they can follow to objectively improve their writing. Whether you’re trying to improve your own writing or help someone else improve theirs, I hope you’ll find this section of Camilla’s English Page useful.

Basic Writing Resources

Many of the fundamentals of good writing are covered in the Grammar section of the site: topics such as sentence structure, puncutation, subject-verb agreement, usage, and parallelism, among others.

Developing a regular reading habit that includes different types of writing on a variety of topics is a critical element of becoming a better writer. See the Literature section for reading-related resources.

A broad and sophisticated vocabulary is to a writer what a complex palette is to a painter. Without a wide range of words to choose from, your ability to precisely express different shades of meaning will be limited. The Vocabulary section has resources to help you build and refine your verbal toolkit.

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a fantastic resource for just about every aspect of writing. OWL’s sitemap provides a complete list of its many pages, conveniently organized by topic.

College Application Essay Advice for the Desperate

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