Tips and Resources for Improving Your Writing

Writing is an incredibly complex process that involves integrating all areas of linguistic and literary knowledge; the quest to become a better writer is, therefore, mysterious, highly personal, and endless. However, there are concrete steps you can take and specific things you can learn to objectively improve your writing. I hope that the materials and resources I provide in this section will help you accomplish that goal.

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a fantastic resource for just about every aspect of writing. OWL’s sitemap provides a complete list of its many pages, conveniently organized by topic.

Students who are preparing to write essays for their college applications may find my handout Suggestions on How to Write College Application Essays useful.

For students preparing to take a standardized test that involves writing a timed essay, my handout Guidelines for Writing Essays on Standardized Tests may be helpful. For handouts specific to the SAT essay, see the SAT Essay section of the site.

More handouts

Essay Writing:
Persuasive Essay Assignment
Questions for Editing, Evaluation, and Revision

Fiction Writing:
Guidelines for Writing Short Stories

This page is still under construction—more writing materials coming soon.

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