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Learning materials and links about interesting song lyrics in English

This section of the site will feature pages about songs with interesting lyrics that lend themselves to poetic analysis, along with my thoughts about each one. For now, I’ll post this collection, Song Lyrics for Analysis and Discussion, which contains the lyrics for numerous songs by Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog, Wilco, Rush, Living Colour, Steve Earle, and Billie Holiday. When I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity, I like to discuss these songs with my students because they function so well as poetry and are quite thought-provoking. Unlike most popular songs, many of these songs are characterized by a clear distinction between the speaker and the poet/singer, so they provide examples of how to be psychologically creative in writing poetry by attempting to get inside someone else’s mind.

Thoughts on a Song: Indifference by Pearl Jam

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