Wordly Wise 3000 Book 6 Lesson 1 Quiz

Fill in each blank with the most appropriate word from the list. Remember that you may need to change the word’s part of speech to fit the sentence.

1. Wonder Woman posted a _____ of her refusal to do everyone’s laundry on the Justice League refrigerator.

2. She had realized long ago that an _____ to their sense of justice would not work, so she threatened to put itching powder in their tights if they kept leaving their dirty clothes in the Justice League laundry room.

3. Batman looked very satisfied as he _____ his new statue of himself outside Justice League headquarters.

4. Batman introduced the statue in a _____ voice as he looked down smugly on the crowd.

5. His next project was a public _____ of his Bat-weapons and Bat-tools.

6. Although he tried not to stick out, Superman’s huge muscles, colorful tights, and high-pitched squeals made him very _____ at the Justin Bieber concert.

7. “His lyrics are so _____ that I can’t help crying sometimes,” Superman said to Robin, his designated driver for the evening.

8. “I don’t mean to put him on a _____, but he really is the best,” Superman continued.

9. After Justin reached into the crowd and _____ his hand, Superman fainted.

10. Like many Beliebers, Superman sometimes felt _____ by judgmental people who didn’t understand his worshipful attitude toward Justin.