Short Stories

Links, study materials, and teaching materials about short stories in English

The Oxford Book of American Short Stories - cover - 75 x 111

The materials below are intended to introduce students to a wide variety of short stories and help them learn how to process style and meaning. For readers looking for a good anthology of short stories, I recommend The Oxford Book of American Short Stories. For younger readers, Read All About It! is a good choice. The Story and Its Writer, which has been through many editions over the years, was used in a college course I took and introduced me to a number of my favorite short stories.

Joyce, James
Dubliners (Viking Critical Library) - cover - 75 x 117

“Clay” (from Dubliners)

Tan, Amy

The Joy Luck Club - cover - 75 x 114

“Two Kinds” (an excerpt from Amy Tan’s popular novel The Joy Luck Club)