Subject-Verb Agreement with "To Be" Exercise 3

Practice using the past-tense verbs "was" and "were" with singular and plural subjects

Fill in each blank with the correct past-tense form of “to be” according to its subject.

Singular subjects and the pronouns “I,” “he,” “she,” and “it” take the form WAS.
Plural subjects and the pronouns “you,” “we,” and “they” take the form WERE.

1. The students _____ late for school.


2. I _____ very tired yesterday.


3. His jokes _____ very funny.


4. The book _____ in my desk drawer.


5. Yes, they _____ at the party last night.


6. The people _____ in line for the show.


7. You _____ the best baker in the contest.


8. The bread _____ delicious.


9. The children at the park _____ happy.


10. He _____ an ESL teacher. Now he is a librarian.


11. It _____ sunny and warm yesterday.


12. This morning you _____ all on the bus.


13. Jack and Kyle _____ famous singers.


14. She _____ a kind person.


15. By 7 am yesterday I _____ ready to go.


16. A few minutes ago my hat and my jacket _____ in the kitchen.


17. She _____ not at home last night.


18. Robert and Sara _____ in different classes last year.


19. We _____ at the beach last weekend.


20. The policewomen _____ inside the building.