Subject-Verb Agreement with "To Be" Exercise 1

Practice using the present-tense verbs "is," "are," and "am" with pronouns as subjects

Fill in each blank with the correct present-tense form of “to be” according to its subject.

The pronoun “I” takes AM as its verb.
The singular pronouns “he,” “she,” and “it” take IS as their verb.
The pronouns “we” and “they” take ARE as their verb.
The pronoun “you” always takes ARE as its verb, whether it is the singular “you” or the plural “you.”

1. They _____ doctors.


2. Please be quiet. She _____ asleep.


3. It _____ very late.


4. We _____ very tired.


5. You _____ not funny.


6. I need a jacket. I _____ very cold.


7. You _____ all welcome to come.


8. If he _____ there, please give him this.


9. When they _____ ready, we will leave.


10. It _____ time to get up.


11. I _____ happy to meet you.


12. Please feed the dogs. They _____ hungry.


13. She _____ a teacher.


14. I _____ an ESL student.


15. We _____ policemen.


16. It _____ a sunny day.


17. You _____ very good at basketball.


18. They _____ not at school today.


19. He _____ in the car.


20. You _____ all on the same team.