Negative and Interrogative Sentence Patterns Exercise 1

Change each interrogative sentence (question) or negative sentence below into an affirmative sentence. Be sure to keep the same tense and to follow the rules of capitalization and punctuation.

Follow these examples:

Interrogative: Does Jack Black play guitar?
Jack Black plays guitar.

Negative: Jack Black does not play guitar.
Jack Black plays guitar.

1. Does Matthew talk too loudly?

2. Did Julie eat too much ice cream?

3. Simon did not listen to the teacher.

4. Amy does not like hamburgers.

5. Does Uncle Joe make good kites?

6. Paul did not come to school today.

7. I do not play football on Saturdays.

8. Grandma does not want to eat that.

9. Do they get along?

10. Did Frank and Mary go swimming?