Gerunds and Infinitives Exercise 1

Fill in each blank with the idiomatically correct choice according to American English: an infinitive, a gerund, or the preposition “to” + a gerund. For questions with more than one correct answer, the answer choice boxes are square instead of round.

Gerunds are present participles (verbs with an “-ing” suffix) acting as nouns.

Infinitives are formed by adding “to” before the base form of a verb.

When “to” is followed by a gerund, it is a preposition and does not form an infinitive.

1. I remember _____ him in San Francisco.


2. Do you remember _____ the e-mail?


3. Camilla is not used _____ up at 5 am.


4. Camilla used _____ Dinosaur Simulator every day.


5. I regret _____ out so late last night.


6. I regret _____ you that your essay is terrible.


7. Camilla, please stop _____ like a wounded howler monkey!


8. Camilla wanted to stop _____ some milk tea, but we didn’t have time.


9. I was starting (1) _____ strange visions, so I decided it was time (2) _____ to bed.


10. Camilla started _____ Chinese when she was a baby.


11. At first, Camilla’s dragon was not accustomed _____ commanded by a human girl.