Common Errors in Usage Quiz 9

Entries from the "P - Q" section of the Common Errors in English Usage list

Choose the appropriate word or expression to fill in each blank in the sentences below.

1. Gloria, the makeover artist the Emperor had hired for Darth Vader, was (1) _____ unimpressed by the color (2) _____ of Vader’s wardrobe.


2. She quickly realized that his (1) _____ problem was that his sense of taste, what she called his “fashion (2) _____,” was shockingly simplistic and undeveloped.


3. Gloria knew that Darth preferred black (1) _____ bright colors because he needed to be (2) _____, not fabulous, to keep the empire’s (3) _____ in line.


4. However, as a matter of (1) _____, she persisted (2) _____ to (3) _____ his interest with a variety of more cheerful and flamboyant styles.


5. “There’s nothing (1) _____ about an all-black wardrobe,” she complained, “and that mask doesn’t allow even a (2) _____ at your face.”


6. “If you’re going to insist on (1) _____ entire species for their beliefs, please don’t make them feel (2) _____ while you do it.”


7. “(1) _____ you take my advice, use the products I’m (2) _____ you, and learn to (3) _____ your breathing just a little, you can be both (4) _____ and fashionable.”


8. Needless to say, Vader didn’t waste time (1) _____ Gloria in court for her impudence; he had her body carried out of his chambers on a (2) _____ and continued wearing black.


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