Common Errors in Usage Quiz 5

Entries from the "F - H" section of the Common Errors in English Usage list

Choose the appropriate word or expression to fill in each blank in the sentences below.

1. Morty (1) _____ that he will be able to (2) _____ high school before he gets sucked into a black hole, killed by a (3) _____ of desperate Meeseeks, or imprisoned by the Council of Ricks.


2. Not even slightly (1) _____ by the extreme danger he and Morty were in, Rick came up with another (2) _____ plan to escape from the agents of the Galactic Federation.


3. Over time, Morty’s originally (1) _____ personality was warped by his encounters with chaos and death, and he fell (2) _____ into anger and cynicism and became more and more psychologically (3) _____.


4. Rick’s desire to (1) _____ all the power and wealth in the galaxy was not just a (2) _____; he had been (3) _____ galactic law for decades in his endless pursuit of them.


5. Rick (1) _____ that he had (2) _____ Jerryboree, the day care center for Jerrys, because the alternate universe Rick who’d come up with that business idea was obscenely rich.


6. Morty was (1) _____ many kinds of advanced and alien technology because Rick loved to (2) _____ his wealth and brilliance by showing off his toys.


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