Articles Exercise 3: Indefinite Articles (A, An, or Nothing)

Choose the correct indefinite article to fill in the blank in each sentence. In some sentences, no article should be used.

1. Batman went to the store to get _____ food for Achilles, his pet snail.


2. Achilles was not _____ exciting pet, but he was cute and cuddly.


3. Batman also had ____ yellow platypus named Bob.


4. Bob did not like _____ people and was not cute and cuddly.


5. Bob had (1) _____ nasty personality and was always in (2) _____ unhappy mood.


6. But he was always happier after he watched _____ TV with Achilles and Batman.


7. He liked _____ TV show called “The Legend of King Scroopy, Platypus of the Seas.”


8. Bob liked the show so much because it helped raise _____ awareness about the awesomeness of platypuses.


9. Batman liked it about as much as he liked having (1) _____ brain surgery, but if he didn’t watch it, Bob would throw (2) _____ fit and spit (3) _____ milk tea all over the Bat-sofa.


10. Achilles didn’t care because Achilles was a snail. He could sit in front of (1) _____ wall for (2) _____ year and wouldn’t know the difference. But at least he was cute and cuddly.