Articles Exercise 2: Indefinite Articles (A or An)

Choose the correct indefinite article to fill in the blank in each sentence. Remember that it’s the first SOUND of the following word that matters, not the first letter itself.

1. The nurse took _____ X-ray image of my chest.


2. At the zoo, Camilla watched the Komodo dragons for _____ hour.


3. _____ university education gives you a lot of advantages.


4. The Coast Guard received _____ SOS from the sinking ship.


5. Camilla beat me so badly in the Minecraft battle that I waved _____ white flag and surrendered.


6. _____ UFO isn’t necessarily an alien spacecraft.


7. _____ “unidentified flying object” can actually be any unknown object in the sky.


8. However, that strange creature in front of us clearly isn’t _____ human being.


9. A laser cannon would be _____ useful thing to have right now.


10. _____ FBI agent asked me if I remembered being taken on the alien ship.