Recent Site Updates

What's new on Camilla's English Page

Although I completely redesigned Camilla’s English Page last year (to add content, improve its design, and make it responsive for mobile users), and I have continued sporadic updates since then, I’ve neglected to make any new blog posts. While most of the content I intend to develop for the site is more appropriate as “page material” than “post material,” I would like to make this blog a bit more active. One thing I will try to do with blog posts is highlight new site content and features. Here are some of the most recent additions to Camilla’s English Page:

Quizzes: In an effort to make the site more interactive and useful, I’ve added a number of quizzes using the Watu Quiz Plugin. There are links to the quizzes on various pages, but they can all be accessed from the Sitemap page. This is one aspect of Camilla’s English Page that I plan to devote a great deal of time to in the coming months.

New Literature Material: I’ve lost track of the things that I’ve added in the last year, but one of the most recent additions is a page with lyrics and questions for the James Taylor classic “Millworker.” I have study questions for the novels The Tombs of Atuan, 1984, and V for Vendetta in the works and hope to add them to the site within the next couple of months, along with a lot of other less time-consuming content.

Revised Vocabulary Section: I’ve updated the Vocabulary page and included several new links. Over the last few months I’ve been adding vocabulary lists for the Wordly Wise series of books to my Quizlet account; they can be accessed from the Vocabulary page.

ESL Content: One of my long-term goals for the site is to make it more useful not just for native or advanced speakers of English, but also for ESL students, especially native speakers of Chinese. Keep an eye on the new ESL section and the Chinese section for new content and features.