Links and learning materials about English verbs and how to use them correctly

Because verbs are quite possibly the most complex and potentially confusing aspect of English, I have developed a series of “Understanding Verbs” handouts (still in the process of being revised for sharing on this website) to help my students make sense of them.

Open or download my handout Understanding Verbs I The first of those handouts, Understanding Verbs I, covers basic topics such as the five forms of verbs (infinitive, present tense, past tense, past participle, and present participle), regular vs. irregular verbs, and the characteristics of participles.
Open or download my handout Irregular Verbs Along with this first handout, I give my students this comprehensive list of irregular verbs in English that I compiled from a variety of sources. I don’t expect them to memorize this list, but it can serve as a handy reference source if they’re not sure of the correct way to conjugate a verb. This quiz on irregular and confusing verbs can be used in conjunction with the list; in choosing the verbs to include, I focused on verbs that are important to know and/or often conjugated incorrectly.
Open or download my handout Understanding Verbs II The next handout in the series, Understanding Verbs II, focuses on the difference between action verbs and linking verbs, along with the issue of whether an adjective or adverb is appropriate for a given clause depending on the type of verb it has.