Redneck Pronouns

How to use reflexive pronouns correctly

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There are a number of nonstandard reflexive pronouns (pronouns with the suffixes -self and -selves) used in the US that I’ll call “redneck pronouns” as an easy way to remember them (though it isn’t only “rednecks” who use them). They include hisself, ourself, themself, theirself, theyself, theirselves, and theyselves.

Ourself, themselftheirself, and theyself are easy to recognize as wrong; since they and our are plural, they can’t be paired with the singular self. Hisself and theirselves are more logical mistakes, because we do say myself and yourself (not meself and youself), but they are also nonstandard, as is theyselves.

“Skeeter hurt hisself again,” said Jebediah mockingly.

“At least he didn’t embarrass himself as you just did by using a nonstandard pronoun,” replied Jimbob.

For the sake of your teachers and your grades, please don’t use these nonstandard pronouns in your essays. The standard forms of these pronouns are himselfourselves, and themselves.

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