Subject-Verb Agreement Quiz 1

Choose the correct verb form for each sentence according to the rules of subject-verb agreement as explained on the Subject-Verb Agreement page of this site.

1. All of the rednecks, including Cletus, _____ having a mullet pageant.


2. Each of them _____ been cultivating his hair for months in anticipation.


3. Either Skeeter or Jimbob _____ expected to win.


4. Neither of them _____ ever had a bad hair day.


5. There _____ a plethora of reasons why Billy Ray’s mullet is the worst—it looks like a squirrel died on his head!


6. In the center of town _____ a cluster of monuments to past winners of the pageant.


7. Some of the First Annual Mullet King Competition _____ being televised on ESPN Minus.


8. Everybody who can’t make it to the show _____ planning to watch the live broadcast.


9. Trimming their sideburns _____ very important to do correctly to avoid losing points.


10. A number of anti-mullet activists _____ to protest the pageant.


11. That the activists are jealous of the rednecks’ superior hairstyles _____ clear.