Irregular Verbs Quiz 2

Complete each sentence with the correct past tense or past participle form of the infinitive in parentheses.

Follow this example:

Question: Batman was “________ (to bite) by the Pokemon bug” and just had to catch ’em all.
Answer: bitten

Because of the helping verb “was,” this sentence requires the past participle form “bitten.”

1. The last thing Calvin ever said was “Look, Susie, I ________ (to bring) you some dead flowers for Valentine’s Day!”

2. While Batman was getting his weekly pedicure, Robin ________ (to cast) aside his ridiculous “Boy Wonder” costume and tried on the Batsuit.

3. “I’ve been ________ (to hurt) before, but I won’t let Lucy fool me this time,” Charlie Brown muttered to himself.

4. Jimbob ________ (to fling) the heavy volume atop the ever-growing pile of law books he and Skeeter had conquered.

5. Eric was ________ (to hang) for the heinous crime of taking vertical cell phone video of a horizontal scene.

6. Our cat Katana has ________ (to lie) in that spot for hours waiting for Camilla to return.

7. Superman squealed with delight as he ________ (to pay) the dealer for his mint-condition first-edition Japanese imported panda squishy.

8. He had ________ (to seek) that panda squishy for months with a growing sense of dread and desperation.

9. By the end of the battle, Gimli had ________ (to slay) forty-two orcs, surpassing Legolas’s total by one.

10. With his impossibly quick hands, Manu Ginobili ________ (to strike) down the bat and removed it from the court so the basketball game could continue.