Constructing and Connecting Complete Sentences Exercise 1

For each group of words, decide which of these errors it contains. If it does not contain an error, select “No error.”

Fragment: An incomplete sentence lacking a subject, verb, or complete thought.
Fused sentence: Two complete sentences connected without punctuation or a conjunction.
Run-on sentence: Two complete sentences joined by a conjunction only.
Comma splice: Two complete sentences joined by a comma only.

1. Neal Stephenson’s novel Anathem is long and extremely detailed but it is also consistently fascinating.


2. While Calvin was stuck in the shape of a beetle because the transmogrifier kept malfunctioning.


3. Manu was fiery and unpredictable, Tim was stoic and consistent.


4. Arya humiliated the much larger knight she disarmed him before he could even swing at her.


5. Augustus Gloop fell into the chocolate river, then he got sucked up by a pipe.


6. When I laugh, she laughs and when she laughs, I laugh.


7. Beth and Summer were able to solve their very difficult problems, Jerry, however, was unable to take two strokes off his golf game.


8. Homer was not exactly known for his intelligence, yet his daughter Lisa was brilliant.


9. Though he tried his best, Aquaman destroyed by Wonder Woman in the First Annual Justice League Ping Pong Tournament.


10. Skeeter admired Jimbob’s towering accomplishments in corporate law, therefore he tried to emulate his daily habits.


11. In fact, Derek has become a responsible adult despite his questionable habits as a student.