Common Errors in Usage Quiz 8

Entries from the "M - O" section of the Common Errors in English Usage list

Choose the appropriate word or expression to fill in each blank in the sentences below.

1. Batman’s (1) _____ life was so grim that he was in serious (2) _____ a kitten to cuddle with.


2. Wonder Woman’s (1) _____ the issue of adopting a Justice League Kitten was that it would be good for the (2) _____ of the team.


3. In his heart still more a man than (1) _____, Cyborg was (2) _____ coldly calculating about kittens as one might expect, and he warmly welcomed the arrival of Katana at Justice League Headquarters.


4. (1) _____ Katana’s kryptonite-like cuteness, Superman went weak at the knees whenever she purred; her power over him made her truly (2) _____.


5. Superman became completely (1) _____ her, but Katana was usually (2) _____ his existence.


6. He was so (1) _____ delight at her kittenish antics that he often fell (2) _____ his chair in fits of squealing.


7. (1) _____ Katana’s casual acts of furniture shredding, Aquaman had a pretty low (2) _____ her.


8. The (1) _____ of this story is that you (2) _____ be extremely careful when adopting a cat, because cats can ruin your expensive Justice League furniture and turn even the most powerful heroes soft.


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