Common Errors in Usage Quiz 7

Entries from the "J - L" section of the Common Errors in English Usage list

Choose the appropriate word or expression to fill in each blank in the sentences below.

1. At first, new stepbrothers Dale and Brennan hated living together, and it seemed (1) _____ they were (2) _____ to kill each other.



2. They were (1) _____ to share their possessions and would never (2) _____ each other anything.



3. Some possessions, (1) _____ Dale’s drum set, were strictly off limits, and they were (2) _____ each other with violence for even touching those possessions.



4. Then one day a (1) _____ magical (2) _____ happened: they learned that they actually had a lot in common, and they became best friends.



5. Their options were to be enemies, to stay isolated from each other, or to become friends, and they chose the (1) _____ option; soon they (2) _____ any animosity toward each other whatsoever.



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