Common Errors in Usage Quiz 6

Entries from the "I" section of the Common Errors in English Usage list

Choose the appropriate word or expression to fill in each blank in the sentences below.

1. Hobbes’s behavior sometimes offers important insights (1) _____ Calvin’s true feelings: though Calvin is frequently rude to Susie Derkins, (2) _____ clear from Hobbes’s reaction to her that he actually has a romantic interest (3) _____ her.



2. In the summertime, Calvin and Hobbes can frequently be found (1) _____ on the grass (2) _____ the big oak tree.



3. (1) _____ of her anger at Calvin, Susie wanted Hobbes to (2) _____ with her and have tea; Calvin found it (3) _____ that Hobbes actually accepted her invitation.



4. Just as Calvin (1) _____ the barrel of the water gun and prepared to enjoy the sight of (2) _____ powerful stream hitting Susie in the face, she blasted him with the garden hose.



5. After Calvin (1) _____ that his mother’s peas were as disgusting as toxic sludge, his parents sent him to his room for an (2) _____ amount of time while he adjusted his attitude.



6. (1) _____ that Calvin had accepted her 4 pm tea party invitation and had even arrived (2) _____, Susie did her best to ensure that he and Hobbes enjoyed the party.



7. At first Calvin couldn’t decide (1) _____ it was safe to walk (2) _____ the house, but then he (3) _____ from the eerie silence that Hobbes was waiting to pounce on him as soon as he entered.



8. (1) _____ Hobbes’s personality seems very different from Calvin’s, but ultimately his thoughts and feelings are never (2) _____ Calvin’s imagination.



9. Susie arrived just (1) _____ to see Calvin put the finishing touches on his horrific scene of snowman violence; the snowmen’s decapitated heads (2) _____ on the ground, each with (3) _____ own grotesque expression of terror.



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