Common Errors in Usage Quiz 2

Entries from the "B" section of the Common Errors in English Usage list

Choose the appropriate word or expression to fill in each blank in the sentences below.

1. If you remember to (1) _____ deeply, it will be easier to (2) _____ the pain.


2. (1) _____ it was obvious he was hopelessly (2) _____, I objected to his appointment as judge of the competition.


3. Be sure (1) _____ choose the person who will do the best job (2) _____ all of the candidates.


4. Please (1) _____ this back to the other room; it (2) _____ to Jimbob.


5. In a sudden fit of anger, the spoiled kid (1) _____ his frustration about having to choose between a Mega Venusaur EX card (2) _____ a Mega Blastoise EX card; he wanted both a Venusaur (3) _____ a Blastoise.


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