Common Errors in Usage Quiz 10

Entries from the "R - S" section of the Common Errors in English Usage list

Choose the appropriate word or expression to fill in each blank in the sentences below.

1. When Gimli asked Galadriel why she had “friend zoned” him, she haughtily replied, “The reason is (1) _____ Elves are (2) _____ Dwarves, of course.”


2. (1) _____ the arrogance of Elves, Gimli knew that he was (2) _____ be tolerant and understanding, but he was still surprised (3) _____ Galadriel for her casual cruelty.


3. “Well, being rejected by an Elf is a (1) _____ of passage,” Gimli and the other dwarves she had rejected told (2) _____.


4. At least Gimli had been honored with three golden strands of Galadriel’s hair, and their beauty was (1) _____ comfort for him because he could substitute them (2) _____ an actual girlfriend.


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