Articles Exercise 1: Indefinite Articles (A or An)

Choose the correct indefinite article to fill in the blank in each sentence. Remember that it’s the first SOUND of the following word that matters, not the first letter itself.

1. Vamaria, Camilla’s turtle, is _____ red-eared slider.


2. French fries are not _____ healthy snack.


3. His hair looked like _____ animal lying on his head.


4. Raymond thinks he is _____ excellent driver.


5. Actually, he is _____ horrible driver.


6. Calvin is _____ unique kid.


7. He is not _____ honest kid. He makes up wild stories.


8. The Tasmanian devil was _____ unwelcome guest in our living room.


9. I fell on my face the first time I tried to ride _____ unicycle.


10. When it happened, _____ young boy laughed at me.